Vegetable protein list

People mainly get their vegetable proteins by eating rice, grains, potatoes and legumes such as broad beans, lentils and chickpeas. Corn can also be a source of protein, but in Europe only corn is grown as animal feed.


Of all these crops, the faba bean has the highest protein yield per hectare. Faba beans are also now mainly used for animal feed. Further breeding of the crops is necessary to make the beans more suitable for human consumption. A lot of work is being done in various countries to test and improve different crops of faba beans. Together with other food companies, Fabafull develops within the Beanmeup! program in North Holland applications for human use.


New on the plant protein list are the promising emerging protein sources for human consumption such as rapeseed and flax seed, algae, seaweed and even duckweed. Who knows, we can also make protein-rich snacks from this.

Plantaardige eiwitten lijst