Healthy food

We actually already know what healthy eating is. So it is important not to eat too much. And that we get enough proteins, vitamins and minerals. We also need fiber. These are found in unprocessed fruit and vegetables, seeds and nuts and legumes. Fibers are not only important for the proper functioning of our intestines, but also ensure that we feel satisfied more quickly and therefore eat fewer carbohydrates and fats.


Are we not allowed to eat carbohydrates, sugars and fats? Of course it is. But use vegetable oil instead of fats as much as possible and be careful with highly processed products and soft drinks. You quickly take too much. And calories from these processed products are also called empty calories, because they lack other building materials.


Our ancestors didn't do anything so crazy: just eat what was grown on the land and cook it themselves. This will still take you a long way.

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