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Fabulous 6-packs (2x)


Chocolate caramel, blueberry cinnamon and lemon poppy seeds
Two packs of 6 pieces. Total weight ±780 grams.

Order 2 fabulous 6 packs with 3 flavors of muffins each. Very handy if you don't want to eat them all at once, but still want variety!

Chocolate caramel muffin

Treat yourself and enjoy the intense chocolate flavor and the chocolate pieces. Taste that hint of caramel that balances the taste so beautifully.

Blueberry cinnamon muffin

This delicious muffin is full of blueberries and tart elderberries, whose taste, together with cinnamon, lingers for a long time.

Lemon poppy seed muffin

Enjoy the freshest muffin from our range, full of lemon. The speckled appearance comes from the poppy seeds, which provide extra protein and minerals.




Chocolate caramel: WHEAT flour, OAT malt, SOY oil, faba beans, SOY milk, sugar, lemon juice, cocoa powder and chocolate (8%), natural vanilla flavoring, natural caramel flavoring (0.5%), raising agent sodium bicarbonate, salt.

Blueberry cinnamon: WHEAT flour, OAT malt, SOY oil, faba beans, SOY milk, sugar, lemon juice, blueberries and elderberries (10%), natural vanilla flavouring, natural blueberry flavouring, cinnamon (0.5%), raising agent sodium bicarbonate, salt.

Lemon poppy seeds: : WHEAT flour, OAT malt, SOY oil, faba beans, SOY milk, sugar, lemon juice (8%), lemon peel (2%), poppy seeds (4%), natural vanilla flavouring, natural lime flavouring, raising agent sodium bicarbonate, salt.


Our muffins contain gluten, gluten-containing grains and soy. They are produced in a room that also works with groundnuts, nuts and sesame. It cannot therefore be ruled out that our products contain traces of these allergens.


Our muffins are packaged frozen for shipping. We would prefer to transport your package to your address at -18 C. Then you can store the muffins in the freezer at home for many months. But then we would be forced to ask for a high contribution to the delivery costs.

That is why we have chosen to send our muffins as well-packed as possible via PostNL as a normal package. So the muffins thaw during the shipping process. The shipping costs we calculate are €4.95 per shipment.

Storage advice and use:

Place the received packages in the freezer or refrigerator immediately after receipt.

Our muffins can be kept in the freezer at a minimum of -15 ⁰C for 21 days after receipt.

They can be kept in the refrigerator at <7 ⁰C for a maximum of 3 days after receipt. But of course you can also eat them straight away.

Fabafull muffins are best at room temperature. So make sure the muffins are thawed and warmed before serving. Enjoy it!

Delivery time:

We deliver on Tuesdays and Fridays via PostNL. Orders are normally delivered within one day. If you order on Monday or Thursday at 12:00 noon, your package will be delivered to DPD or PostNL the same day and delivered the next day.

About 95% of the packages are delivered within one day. Were the muffins delivered later than agreed? Then reduce the shelf life by the number of days you received the muffins later. Let us know at info@fabafull.com and receive new muffins for free!


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