Why are proteins important

Why are proteins so important?

Proteins are an energy source for our body. They contain building blocks that we cannot do without. For example, proteins are necessary for the construction of cells. We also need them to maintain our muscles. And proteins play an important role in keeping our bones strong.

Without protein there is no growth

Children need extra proteins to grow. Athletes or people who perform a lot of physical exertion also need extra proteins to allow the muscles to recover and to promote muscle growth. The daily diet does not always contain sufficient proteins, even with a balanced diet.

Extra proteins for the elderly

The elderly and people who are ill or recovering also need more protein. At the same time, a lack of exercise, illness, but also poverty and social isolation can cause a decrease in appetite. This can lead to malnutrition, especially due to a lack of protein. People with a structural protein deficiency recover more slowly, experience accelerated muscle loss and are less able to maintain their weight.


Eating more is often difficult, which is why it is important to consume protein-rich food every day to maintain weight and prevent muscle breakdown.


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